left hand washes the right don't let your left hand know what your right hands doing one potato two potato three potato four we got a refrigerator with a store-more door hahaha.

Who cares, this hand or that. good food good meat good God let's eat.

lady fingers they taste just like lady fingers

MY once faithful laptop finally crapped out on me

2008-04-03 05:44:13 by Corpo-real

so ive made the switch to mac.
my next few giant pieces of crap may be a bit crappier as im now limited to mixing my songs with goddamn garage band. hopefully once ive moved into a real house in a month Ill be able to make some better pieces of crap.

also, Im kinda getting curious about doing a collab. if anyones interested in maybe contributing some vocals or lead guitar or something to a short track or two let me know. ┬┐or possibly vice versa?

more reviews please!

This is getting boring, I need some action.

2008-02-13 21:15:23 by Corpo-real

If anyone wants to use my music that would be pretty cool. Ive been submitting for a while and I'd like to get a bit more incorporated.

I recommend using a good pair of headphones for just about all of my songs